MSUK Clubman RS or Open Racing?

Posted by Keiran Smart on 26 January 2023

Scottish Karting

The 2023 season sees the proposal of some very big changes to how kart clubs in Scotland have operated. We’d like to get your thoughts!

Across UK as a whole the Motorsport UK offering at karting level has been in decline with competitors and clubs opting for the ‘Open’ equivalent. Putting clubs and their members in control of the type of racing they want to do.

Motorsport has for 2023 rolled out a pilot scheme to attempt to win back competitors. A more streamlined approach to the licensing procedure but other than that all other MSUK rules would apply. For some that means there kart class would no longer exist and others that their kit would not comply with the rules.

Conversations amongst club committees appear to suggest that the Motorsport UK organisation are threatening clubs that don’t comply with having their track licences revoked. This allegedly also extends to Motorsport UK officials, that if they are supporting open races they will be struck off. I have to reiterate that these are rumours and we have not got anything to suggest they’re true other than that it appears to be the argument for supporting the initiative. Not that this is what the Scottish kart racing community have asked for.

Have your say!

So what does the Scottish karting community want for its Scottish club racing? Please note this survey is completely independent and has nothing to do with any organisation including the ASKC, MSUK or any club. Your details will be completely anonymous and results posted in a couple weeks time.

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