11 - 14 years old


FR125 Rotax Max


Mojo D2XX ‘CIK’

Mojo W5 ‘CIK’


130kgs (kart & driver)


Yellow with black numbers

Class Overview

Mini Max offers an intermediate step into Juniors. Ideal for those too heavy for Cadets but not ready for Juniors.

The class provides a significant jump in performance from Cadets. Delivering lap times around 5secs a lap faster over a 40sec lap with the more powerful 2-storke engine and stickier tyres.

The Engine

From the family of Rotax Max engines the Mini Max is simply a Junior motor with an exhaust restrictor.

In its Mini Max configuration the engine produces around 13bhp with a service life of around 30hours. Engines are sealed to prevent tampering and can only be serviced by select agents.

The onboard starter makes it a relatively simple class to drive and mechanic for most club racers.

Other Classes

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