16+ years old


FR125 Rotax Max


Mojo D5 ‘CIK’ (dry)

Mojo W5 ‘CIK’ (wet)


162kgs (kart & driver)

177kgs (heavies)


Blue with white numbers

Class Overview

Senior Rotax Max is a well established class and has been around since the late 90s.

The class typically races in two groups with a weight of 162kgs or 177kgs for drivers weighing 80kgs or more with their racing gear on.

A strong second hand market for both completes outfits and spares makes this a popular class.

The Engine

The Rotax Max engine revolutionised karting by introducing performance, reliability and Touch and Go (TaG) into one package.

In its senior configuration the engine produces around 30bhp with a service life of around 20-30hours. Engines are sealed to prevent tampering and can only be serviced by select agents.

The onboard starter makes it a relatively simple class to drive and mechanic for most club racers.

The Class

Two classes are offered within Senior Rotax Max dependant on the drivers weight. There is a wide range of ages in the class and most clubs offer an additional over 30’s category.

The 162kgs class is typically the most popular class within the category.

To compete in the 177kgs class drivers must weigh a minimum of 80kgs with their racing gear on.

A typical kart ready to race without driver weighs approx 80kgs. Lightweight batteries and smaller brake discs can also reduce the weight for those over the minimum weight.

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